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Learn about DePIN scan cover
a month ago

Learn about DePIN scan

The world is witnessing a revolutionary transformation, not just in the crypto realm, but in the very fabric of our physical infrastructure. The rise of Decentralized Physical Infrastructures (DePINs) is not just another crypto trend; it's a complete reimagining of how we interact with the world around us. DePINs are changing the world, from providing internet access in underserved communities to destroying Telecoms oligopolies, and they're doing it at breakneck speed. In August 2023, IoTeX spu
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a month ago

DePIN Scan: Learn about Geodnet

GEODNET – #DePIN Network Improving GPS Accuracy and Reliability at Scale GEODNETThere are currently 4,201 live GEODNET devices. The price today is $0.233013 USD. The GEOD Market Cap is $20,680,168. The mission of GEODNET is to collect rich, up-to-the-moment geospatial information from both the Earth’s surface and its atmosphere. This is made possible through innovative rooftop Space Weather stations. By employing blockchain technology, GEODNET ensures the establishment of a robust and resilient
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a month ago

DePIN Scan: Learn about XNET

XNET: THE NEXT MOBILE CARRIER  XNETThere are currently 177 live XNET devices. The price today is $0.065105 USD. The XNET Market Cap is -. XNET is a next-generation mobile carrier, enhanced by the power of blockchain technology. Utilizing the CBRS spectrum, XNET is focused on establishing a reliable, industry-grade neutral host network. The deployment of the $XNET token is central to this vision, serving as an incentive for network expansion into key urban markets. XNET’s decentralized Radio Acc
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a month ago

DePIN Scan: Learn about APhone

APhone: Ushering In a New Era of Decentralized Cloud Smartphones. Tired of clunky hardware and limited access to Web3 Applications? The DePIN project APhone has you covered. APhoneThe APhone is the first decentralized cloud-based smartphone, crafted to redefine your mobile experience. With superior processing power, unparalleled storage capabilities, and a high-quality GPU, it seamlessly integrates to offer continuous, high-performance access to your digital world. Empowered by Aethir’s cutting