DePIN Scan: Learn about Roam

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 6:00 PM
DePIN Scan: Learn about Roam cover

DePIN projects are on the rise in Web3, dedicated to addressing real-world problems. One of the major concerns that most internet users face every day is the limitations of using WiFi, including security concerns, lack of accessibility, repetitive log-ins, and a centralized control structure. With that context in mind what is Roam all about? Roam emerges as a groundbreaking solution to these issues by building a global decentralized WiFi network that unifies millions of WiFi spots into one Decentralized Global Network, offering seamless and password-free access to all users. To achieve this, Roam is employing OpenRoaming technology and incentivizing users who help maintain and expand the network. 

Roam is a decentralized global WiFi network powered by MetaBlox Labs. The Roam network offers seamless roaming and advanced network security for its users by leveraging OpenRoaming technology, Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) Protocol. With the Roam app, users can access over 3+ million access points while earning rewards for every connection that they contribute to the network. Together, we “Roam the World, Connect the People.”
Roam DePIN Product Suite

Here’s how Roam works: when accessing WiFi, users often need to ask for passwords or undergo a lengthy login process, raising concerns about personal privacy just for a basic WiFi connection. However, by simply downloading the Roam app and setting up their DIDs, users can automatically connect to the 3+ million WiFi spots on the Roam network. Additionally, app users can earn Roam Points by participating in in-app activities such as adding WiFi spots, check-ins, and referrals. Users will be able to burn these Roam Points via a burning pool to get the $ROAM token after the TGE in 2024. 

Another crucial part of the Roam ecosystem is the Rainier MAX60. A WiFi router that also serves as a miner which is tailored to seamlessly integrate with the Roam app. The MAX60 brings enterprise grade security, OpenRoaming and WiFi 6E benefits along with it. Users can enable and deploy an OpenRoaming node in minutes.

As the ROAM Network grows and expands daily, Roam has migrated all on-chain transactions, including Check-Ins, DIDs, and VCs, to the Solana blockchain. This integration marks a significant step forward in network development. All app users can now benefit from Solana's advantages in transaction speeds, cost-effectiveness, and scalability, promising to improve transaction efficiency within the Roam Network and foster a smoother digital experience for users.

Backed by major organizations in both Web2 and Web3, Roam proudly announced a $5 million strategic investment round led by Anagram and Volt Capital, with additional support from Comma3, ECMC Group, Awesome People Ventures, DePIN Labs, F3C, IoTEX, JDI, Stratified, and ZC Capital. Following the successful fundraising in 2023, Roam has become a trusted partner of Samsung Next, having received an investment from them in March 2024.

Roam Miner Map

Roam is currently serving over 90,000 app users in 140+ countries. With millions of WiFi access points and over 180,000 nodes added solely by the community, app users play a crucial part in the healthy growth of the Roam ecosystem. As Roam continues to expand its user base and enrich its offerings, it aims to empower a larger global user base with connectivity freedom.

Join the Roam network today and be a part of a blooming community: