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Wednesday, May 8, 2024 5:59 PM
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DePIN Network3 revolution

Network3 is pioneering the convergence of decentralized networks and advanced AI technologies,  running 120,000+ active nodes (daily increasing 3k+) that process the total of 2 petabytes of compute network traffic every day across 135 countries. The platform's remarkable capability supports around 100,000 active sessions daily, making it a leader in AIoT and Web3 technologies. Network3’s mission is built around empowering AI developers worldwide, enabling them to efficiently train and validate models through its advanced AI Layer2 protocol. This protocol not only enhances data transfer and arithmetic sharing but also ensures security through features like anonymous certificateless signcryption (CLSC), data correctness verification mechanisms, an IP anti-tracking measure, and a Decentralized  Federated Learning (DeFL) framework. Network3 is a pioneer in tiny AI model training, leveraging edge devices to enable everyone to participate and democratize the training of tiny AI models. 

Network3’s ecosystem is enriched by strategic partnerships with extraordinary community and technically driven powers like IoTeX, integrating cutting-edge blockchain and IoT technologies to enhance network capabilities and offer robust solutions across various sectors, including decentralized computing. These partnerships support the seamless development and deployment of decentralized AI, driving innovation in digital infrastructure.

Iotex x Network3 DePIN partnership

The economic model of Network3, detailed in its whitepaper, is crafted to support its decentralized structure effectively and in a scalable architecture. It employs a unique tokenomics system centered around the Network3 token ($N3), which incentivizes participants to contribute to the network through computational resources, data sharing, or bandwidth provision. $N3 holders can earn by participating in network activities, including node operation and governance, enhancing the network's reliability and performance. The token launch is coming this summer. Currently, Network3 leverages a point system whereby points can be redeemed for $N3 tokens in the future. Users can swiftly initiate node operations, efficiently accruing points. This approach ensures greater convenience and lowers the entry barrier, enabling all users to seamlessly engage in the development of Network3.

DePIN N3 Token Launching

Network3 also puts an emphasis on the decentralized governance model that empowers token holders with voting rights on critical network decisions, promoting a democratic and transparent approach to network evolution. This model aligns with Network3’s vision to build a globally decentralized network that not only supports technological innovations but also provides a robust infrastructure for the digital economy with open access for everyone.

DePIN Network3 diagram

Looking forward, Network3 aims to reduce the reliance on traditional centralized systems, addressing common challenges of monopolization and inefficiencies. By fostering a scalable and efficient decentralized network, Network3 is set to revolutionize the AI landscape, offering unprecedented opportunities for growth and engagement in the decentralized world. We are happy for our partnership with IoTeX and passionate about the technology we are building together.

To learn more about how you can participate and benefit from the innovative solutions offered by Network3, visit our website and engage with our vibrant community on social media for the latest updates and developments.