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The DePIN Liquidity Hub is addressing a pivotal challenge for emerging DePIN projects: overcoming the scarcity of token liquidity. At least $5000USD in rewards are available for each of the pioneering DePIN projects in exchange for providing liquidity.
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DePIN Scan: Learn about Streamr cover
11 days ago
DePIN Scan: Learn about Streamr
StreamrThere are currently 8,267 live Streamr devices. The price today is $0.054132 USD. The DATA Market Cap is $41,439,038. The Streamr Network is a peer-to-peer network for publishing and subscribing to data in real-time. Applications use it for decentralized messaging, for example sharing data across applications or broadcasting real-time state changes to large audiences. The decentralized nature of the system makes the data transport scalable, robust, secure, tamper proof, and censorship res
DePIN Scan: Learn about Roam cover
11 days ago
DePIN Scan: Learn about Roam
DePIN projects are on the rise in Web3, dedicated to addressing real-world problems. One of the major concerns that most internet users face every day is the limitations of using WiFi, including security concerns, lack of accessibility, repetitive log-ins, and a centralized control structure. With that context in mind what is Roam all about? Roam emerges as a groundbreaking solution to these issues by building a global decentralized WiFi network that unifies millions of WiFi spots into one Decen
DePIN Scan: Learn about Network3 cover
11 days ago
DePIN Scan: Learn about Network3
Network3 is pioneering the convergence of decentralized networks and advanced AI technologies,  running 120,000+ active nodes (daily increasing 3k+) that process the total of 2 petabytes of compute network traffic every day across 135 countries. The platform's remarkable capability supports around 100,000 active sessions daily, making it a leader in AIoT and Web3 technologies. Network3’s mission is built around empowering AI developers worldwide, enabling them to efficiently train and validate m
Learn about DePIN scan cover
2 months ago
Learn about DePIN scan
The world is witnessing a revolutionary transformation, not just in the crypto realm, but in the very fabric of our physical infrastructure. The rise of Decentralized Physical Infrastructures (DePINs) is not just another crypto trend; it's a complete reimagining of how we interact with the world around us. DePINs are changing the world, from providing internet access in underserved communities to destroying Telecoms oligopolies, and they're doing it at breakneck speed. In August 2023, IoTeX spu