DePIN Scan: Learn about APhone

Thursday, March 28, 2024 8:53 PM
DePIN Scan: Learn about APhone cover

APhone: Ushering In a New Era of Decentralized Cloud Smartphones. Tired of clunky hardware and limited access to Web3 Applications? The DePIN project APhone has you covered.

The APhone is the first decentralized cloud-based smartphone, crafted to redefine your mobile experience. With superior processing power, unparalleled storage capabilities, and a high-quality GPU, it seamlessly integrates to offer continuous, high-performance access to your digital world. Empowered by Aethir’s cutting-edge Decentralized Cloud technology, the APhone ensures heightened security, privacy, and user protection. Meanwhile, it provides a myriad of smartphone functionalities within a single device, delivering a comprehensive and advanced mobile experience.

Tired of clunky hardware and limited access to Web3 Applications? 

Meet APhone - the first decentralized cloud smartphone built on Solana.

What is the DePIN project APhone all about? APhone revolutionizes mobile access to the blockchain, making Web3 universally accessible. With APhone, users can explore dApps on-the-go, from any device. Their vision is to break down barriers to entry, empowering the next billion users to participate in an open, user-controlled mobile internet. APhone is powered by Aethir’s decentralized cloud technology, offering speed, security and flexibility to users to enjoy web3’s possibilities, wherever they are.

Aphone empowers users and developer communities to break free from traditional app store limitations. By harnessing their Web3 app store, creators and users gain the flexibility to launch and access innovative applications unhindered by current appstore providers. Additionally, APhone secure decentralized cloud, powered by Aethir, offers reliable data storage, alleviating strain on individual servers and local devices. Furthermore, the ability to utilize their multiple accounts feature streamlines the development process, enabling seamless stress testing and effortless app launch and use.

APhone’s Current Features

The APhone redefines mobile freedom. Escape the limitations of centralized app stores and unlock the full potential of Web3 with these groundbreaking features:

  • Native Web3 Integration: Bypass traditional app stores and dive directly into the ever-evolving world of Web3 games and applications. APhone removes the obstacles, letting you seamlessly experience the future of digital interaction.
  • Effortless Multi-Accounting: Manage multiple accounts simultaneously, streamlining your digital life. Stay organized and efficient, switching between accounts with ease.
  • Decentralized Cloud Powerhouse: APhone leverages Aethir’s revolutionary distributed cloud to deliver unparalleled performance. Enjoy near-limitless GPU, storage, and RAM — all accessible 24/7 without compromising your local device’s battery or performance.
  • 24/7 Cloud Farming: Harvest the power of the Aethir cloud. Farm airdrops from up to 6 accounts simultaneously, maximizing your potential without draining your local device’s resources.
  • Brand Agnostic: APhone transcends brand limitations. Access your APhone experience from any smart device you choose, be it iPhone, Android, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, or anything else.

APhone Farming and AirdropThe APhone app offers an engaging "Airdrop Farming Adventure" for users to earn $PHONE tokens.

Key Collection: Keys act as the gateway to rewards, unlocking treasure chests filled with keys, and points which will translate to $PHONE tokens upon Airdrop Season 1.

Users can acquire keys through:

  1. Invites: Expanding the APhone community by inviting friends.
  2. Annual Cards: Purchasing annual subscriptions for a steady key flow.
  3. In-Game Activities: Upcoming features will allow key acquisition through gameplay.
  4. Daily Key Bonus: Annual cardholders receive daily key rewards, increasing with longer subscription periods.

How to purchase an APhone NFT

APhone has currently sold out over 75,000 APhone NFTs in their first two launches. They will launch another batch this upcoming Thursday. APhone NFT price ranges from 0.17 SOL - 0.19 SOL and are not transferable during the first 6 months. To get access to the launch, users will need an invitation code which they can find in the APhone Discord or Telegram under the “Invite Your Friends” tab/channel. We’re providing you with some codes here below so you can mint if you’re interested

This is just the beginning for APhone

The APhone project is poised to redefine the mobile experience. We’re not just delivering another app; we’re pioneering a gateway to a decentralized future. Imagine accessing a powerful, secure phone directly on your existing device, powered by Aethir’s distributed cloud. No more storage limitations, lagging processors, or restricted experiences. APhone empowers you to seamlessly unlock a world of possibility.

This is just the first chapter. We’re constantly innovating, with exciting features such as eSIM, group access control setting on the horizon. We deeply appreciate your continued support on this journey. Don’t miss our next mint event happening this Thursday! Join us and be a part of the mobile revolution.